Predim v5.0

Welcome to Duoguard, Rebaguard and Patchguard pre-dimensionning tools. This application enables sacrificial anodes Duoguard, Rebaguard and Patchguard implementation visualisation within a given reinforced steel concrete structure under treatment.

Using cursors, simple reinforced steel concrete elements can be sized. Then, the application populate sacrificial anodes and represents its influence zones.

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Count galvanic anodes

RGD Predim V5 is an application for dimensionning sacrificial anodes within a stainless steel reinforced concrete structure

RGD Predim V5.1
Wall having galvanic anodes distribution presented.

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Corrosion protection performance evaluation curves

Concrete steel reinforced structure corrosion prevention with galvanic anodes

This application provides a calculation from measured parameters on a steel reinforced concrete structure (see illustration). The mathematical formula is deduced from Tafel and Butler-Volmer equations

Galvanic anode implementation measurement
Galvanic anode implementation measurement.
the mathematical formula Tafel, Butler-Volmer
the mathematical formula Tafel, Butler-Volmer

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These entreprises sponsored the project. It is a reference call to purchase galvanique anodes used for corrosion prevention in steel reinforced concrete structure calculations.